Grams and Telegrams

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This post lists and defines words derived from the Greek term gramma, which pertains not only to a small weight, as in gram and compound words in which gram is the base, but also to letters (hence telegram) and writing (hence grammar).

Words That Begin with Gram
gram: a metric unit of weight equivalent to one one-thousandth of a kilogram, the base unit of weight in the metric system; gram is also an unrelated term for any of various legumes, such as chickpeas, and an informal variant of grandma
gramarye (also gramarye): magic, enchantment, or necromancy (likely from the Old French term gramaire, which initially referred to any book written in Latin and came to pertain to a book of grammar or of magic)
gramercy: an obsolete construction derived from “grand mercy,” a Middle English expression of gratitude or surprise based on the Anglo-French phrase grand merci (“great thanks”)
grammar: the study or system of word classes and their inflections, functions, and interrelationships; the application of rules of grammar in speech and writing; a grammar textbook; and, by extension, principles and rules of a particular practice or technique, or a set of such guidelines
grammar checker: software that evaluates grammar in writing used in electronic documents
grammarian: one knowledgeable about grammar
grammatical: pertaining to grammar
grammatist: a strict grammar expert
grammatolatry: worship of letters and words, especially in the context of devotion to Christian scripture
Grammy: one of a number of awards given for excellence in recorded music (derived from gramophone; see gramophone, below); the plural is Grammys
gramophile: one who collects or otherwise enjoys phonograph records
gramophone: a former trademark for a brand of phonograph, or record player
grimoire: a manual for calling demons and spirits (from an alteration in Old French of the word gramaire; see gramarye, above)

Words That End with Gram
aerogram: an obsolete term for an airmail letter, one specially designated for shipment on an airplane at a time when mail was usually sent by sea
anagram: a word or phrase formed by transposing another word or phrase
angiogram: an X-ray or gamma ray photograph produced by injecting a substance into blood vessels that is visible in the image
cardiogram: a tracing of movements of the heart
centigram: a metric unit of weight equivalent to one one-hundredth of a kilogram
cryptogram: a message in cipher or code, or a figure or symbol with hidden significance
dactylogram: a fingerprint
diagram: a drawing, or a chart or plan, that explains or shows parts of an object or an organism; as a verb, to explain or show something with such a representation
electroencephalogram: a tracing of brain waves
hexagram: a six-pointed star (a similar figure is called Solomon’s seal)
histogram: a visual record of frequency of occurrence
hologram: a three-dimensional image, or the pattern producing the image derived from a laser beam or similar beam
ideogram: a picture or symbol used to represent a thing or an idea rather than a word or phrase; also, a synonym for logogram (see logogram, below)
kilogram: the basic unit of weight in the metric system, roughly equivalent to 2.2 pounds
lipogram: a piece of writing deliberately written so that a particular letter of the alphabet is never used
logogram: a sign such as an ampersand (&), or a dollar sign, that represents a word
mammogram: a photograph of breasts using X-rays for medical examination, or the procedure for producing a mammogram
milligram: a metric unit of weight equivalent to one one-thousandth of a gram
monogram: a sign that combines a person’s initials into one symbol
pentagram: a five-sided star used as a symbol of magic or the occult
phonogram: a character or symbol that represents a sound, syllable, or word
pictogram: an ancient drawing or painting on rock, a symbol in a graphic system using pictures, or a representation of data using pictures (also called a pictograph)
seismogram: a record, produced by a seismograph, of a tremor
spectrogram: a diagram or image of the spectrum of light
telegram: a message sent by telegraph
tetragrammaton: the four Hebrew letters, usually represented by YHWH (Yahweh) or JHVH (Jehovah), constituting the name of God

Gramineous and graminiverous, meaning, respectively “pertaining to grass” and “having a diet of grass,” are unrelated.

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